About Christy

I have over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer who specializes in food, beverage and lifestyle shoots. I enjoy working with stylists to create the best possible look for my clients’ products and love the challenge of capturing difficult shots.  My work has been featured in print advertisements, on websites, in cookbooks and on food and beverage packaging. 

I am a twin who has twins (and another son).  I am a reformed runner who has now taken up yoga.  I once had a career as a mad scientist (and was kinda famous in Tucson).   I am a recent survivor of a home rehab and recovering well (although the smell of varnish still makes me twitch).  My first 35mm camera was a promotional gift from my parents’ bank.  I love cilantro.  Don’t care for olives.  As a general rule I would rather be water skiing.

Contact Me

Phone : 773-879-4292

Email: [email protected]